Thrive wherever you are, whoever you are...

When building a strong culture of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Belonging, it is really important that we put the right foundations in place. We have introduced unconscious bias training for anyone who leads a team of people, and we've formed Global I&D committees representing various diversity dimensions, but our immediate priority is to build our network of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)


ERGs give everyone in RX a voice, and also an opportunity. People who are stepping into these volunteering roles are building amazing skills by running and supporting these groups, and teaching us so much about who we are, and where we may be falling short.

We are committed to continuing to work for a better tomorrow! Our I&D journey is a collective one and by working together we will be able to reach our goals faster. Inclusion and diversity is at the heart of our values and mission to enable everyone to thrive whoever and wherever you are.

Hugh Jones, RX CEO

what We’re Doing

We have a long-standing code of ethics and an Inclusion and Diversity policy. We actively support the many programmes and initiatives across RELX, and since 2020 we have made concrete commitments to directly impact our I&D growth, globally. Open to everyone, our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), foster a creative and innovative culture that improves networking, communication, personal development and inclusion throughout the company.